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Brathetrolleborg’s distinctive spire can be seen from many hilltops in the area.

A large forest and agricultural area

Brahetrolleborg is close to Korinth, and the 2,600 hectares (incl. Brændegaard) are run as a modern forestry and agricultural enterprise. Since 2009 the estate is owned by Catharina Reventlow-Mourier and has belonged to the Reventlow family since 1722.

Brahetrolleborg is known for its large-scale production of Christmas trees and greenery, among other things.

The story Brahetrolleborg was founded by Cistercian monks in 1172 in a small valley among bogs and lakes, Insula Dei – God’s Island, also known as Holme Monastery.

The dome church’s tall spire can be seen from a large surrounding area and the old monastery is a distinctive feature of the landscape. The three-winged farm building was finished in 1655.

In 1773, Brahetrolleborg was acquired by Johan Ludvig Reventlow, who did pioneering work to improve the school system and established a teacher training college at Brahetrolleborg.

In the 1970s there was public access to the park, but now it is only open to the public during the big annual horse show in July.

About riding on Brahetrolleborg

The forest is the workplace for many people and is used for other recreational purposes than horseback riding. It is therefore important that you:

  • keep yourself informed about days with restricted access
  • always have your riding pass on you
  • ride on the road shoulder or in the middle of the forest trails
  • are aware that the main route is marked with wooden poles and secondary routes are signposted with a combination of wooden poles and signs on the trees

show respect when you ride on the route. And lower your voices, if you are in a group.